New Patient

We take our time to learn your history and let this guide our examination. Using a systematic approach, we can navigate your current status to functional diagnosis and together determine the appropriate treatment. 


Mobility comes first! This can be in the form of adjusting, manipulation or mobilization. The goal is to restore joints to their proper motion and function. 

Functional Movement Screen

Move well, move often. We learned to move through patterns so we screen patterns for your movement literacy. Your ability to coordinate mobility and stability determine your ability to function- this is known as motor control.

Functional Dry Needling

Trigger points and motor bands develop from prolonged, repetitive stress and aberrant posture. Dry needling uses myofilament needles that are safely guided into the dysfunctional muscle tissue to release engaged muscle fibers. This treatment is followed corrective exercises to reset proper movement.

Functional Breathing Screen/Assesment

From the gracefulness of yoga to the strength of the martial artist - it all starts with breath. Proper breathing is essential for stable core activation and quality movement. Screening and assessing breathing for dysfunctional patterns that can relate to injury risk will set the stage for proper stress reduction & healing. FBS 

I.A.S.T.M/ Fascial Therapy

Precise treatment with specialized stainless steel instruments address fascial restrictions and soft tissue adhesions to restore pain free motion and proper function.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

SFMA is a movement based diagnostic system which systematically finds that causes of pain- not just the source- by logically breaking down dysfunctional movement patterns and assessment. 

Spinal Traction/Decompression

Therapeutic method to stretch and relieve pressure on the nerves, vertebral discs and spinal structures that may cause acute and chronic pain. Treatment intensity, frequency and duration varies upon the diagnosis. Conditions treated: (make drop down menu) capsulitis, spondylosis, disc herniations, headaches, whiplash, muscular strains, degenerative disc disease, radiculopathy. 


Muscle testing specific to you to determine if your body needs inhibition or activation to correct imbalances. Provide non-invasive support to your joints and muscles.


Together we will work to restore your movement patterns using a neurodevelopmental approach to help heal while maintaining physical strength and function. 

Neurodynamic Testing

Nerves are tissues arising from the spinal cord that communicate with all tissues, muscles and organ systems. Nerves need to move freely without impediment. Testing is designed to assess the mobility of nerves as they wind through the tissues and extra- spinal structures. When adhesion is present the mobility of the nerve is inhibited creating reflexive muscle tension and pain.  

Fundamental Capacity Screen

Are you generally fit for your age, gender and activity? A myopic view into your movement control (climb/ crawl), postural control (posture integrity), explosive control ( jump) and impact control (running). Remove physical barriers to skill acquisition and increase your ability to perform.

Y Balance Test

Timing, sequencing, coordination and synergy= motor control. Screening for left and right asymmetries can reveal if an injury risk exists so proper intervention can be made. 

ACL Integrity Program

Roughly 70% of ACL injuries are non- contact. Annually there are 200 thousand ACL injuries, 95 thousand ruptures and 100 thousand reconstructive ACL surgeries. Female athletes are at the greatest risk for developing ACL injury. Screening and prevention programs can reduce injury risk.