Dr. Sean is awesome! Hands down the best chiropractor experience I’ve ever had. After demanding games when my body aches, he helps me recover in the quickest way possible in preparation for the next game. He optimizes not only my body, but my mind as well. His treatments set me up for success on the field, and in the classroom.
— Rylie, University of Tennessee Soccer, Voleader, Psychology major

As a tactical paramedic on the SWAT team it’s my job to take care of the guys on the team. However, I often forget to take care of myself and that’s were Dr. Burkhardt comes in. He helps maintain my operational readiness with his knowledge as it pertains to tactical health and fitness.
— Matthew, B.S., NREMT-P, Firefighter/Paramedic, Tactical Medic

‘Dr. Burkhardt is the best chiropractor ever!’ This is an actual quote from our ten year old! We absolutely love him! I have stenosis in my neck and my husband has a herniated disk in his back. Dr. Burkhardt helped us both avoid surgery. He has continued to keep us healthy and helps our sons feel better quickly after a rough match in jiu jitsu!
— Dave, Missy and boys

I used to think that going to a chiropractor was an insurance scam and did not work. I’ve been a Police Office for 11 years and practice Jiu Jitsu on a regular basis. With the amount of weight I carry around my waist for work, the breaks, joint manipulation and body twisting from Jiu Jitsu I’m in constant discomfort and pain when I do not get adjusted. I met Dr. Sean a couple of years ago and can not imagine being able to continue doing what I love without the work he provides. Dr. Sean is always able to assist with my constant injuries to keep me moving!
— Stephanie L

Thank you Jim for 40 years of service!
Hi my name is Jim and I have been a Firefighter for 42 years. I just retired a few days ago and I would like to tell my story of a person that has helped me finish my career in a big way. I have been going to Dr. Sean Burkhardt for close to two years and if I hadn’t been as fortunate to meet up with him, I may have retired sooner. When I started to see Dr. Sean I was having a hard time raising my arms over my head along with some back discomfort. He took his time with me, went over several work out movements and stretching exercises. Dr. Sean has showed me several workouts that have saved my back. Dr. Sean has a real passion for Firefighters, Police, and Military personnel. He has researched and studied different movements that each branch of service have to perform. Knowing the different injuries that might occur and helping each and everyone one of us recover has said a lot for Dr. Sean and his services.
To date I have a full range of motion in both arms. My back now only gets stiff when I sit for some time. The stretches, along with getting adjusted every week, has increased my range of motion and flexibility far more than I ever thought. I would like to thank Dr. Sean for giving me those extra years to do the job I have Loved to do. Thank You Sean Burkhardt.
— Jim